Not all PMP® courses are the same.  I have taught project management certification for many years and have been certified since 1998.  Over the years, students have requested the following materials, so I have built them into the course.  In addition to 4 days of intense instruction taught by a top-notch certified project manager, here's what you get:

Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide), 5th Edition:

Participant Guide:  Covers everything you need to know to pass the exam

Key formulas and study sheet laminate:  Compilation of formulas and key information to remember for the exam.  Compiled on a front and back laminate, many students find this sheet very helpful when preparing for the exam.

Knowledge areas mapped to process groups laminate:  To pass the exam, you must understand the knowledge areas, how they're mapped to the process groups, and what processes are included in each. 

ITTO Buster®:  Key synopsis and techniques to master the inputs, tools and techniques, and outputs once and for all!

Sample exam questions:  Completed during the course to ensure you’ve mastered the topics presented in class

Sample templates:  For the major deliverables in the PMBOK® Guide. These templates help students understand what's in the PMBOK® Guide as they can visually see an example.

Homework sample questions:  Slightly more difficult and closely simulate the actual exam (per students who have attended the course).  A MUST for passing the exam.

4-hour PMP® simulation exam:  So you can practice for the real thing!

Connie’s Study Checklist® and Planning Guide:  This guide identifies critical areas you must master as well as areas students find difficult. It also includes helpful tips and tricks for answering questions and steps to plan for the certification.  STUDENTS tell me this is a must-have for anyone taking the exam.

Experience Verification Form:  To assist in completing the PMI® application.  Additional application assistance is available upon request.

PMP® Email Assistance:  We have an email dedicated to answer your questions about the application, exam, or anything else.  We’ve got you covered!  Visit http://www.conniemaldonado.com for more information.

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